About us

Our story

We all must have grown-up witnessing magical recipes in the kitchen of our households. Our ages-old mom’s kitchen recipes are just so immortal. Their magic and love can never really die down. Just like you, our kitchen was no exception. That was exactly what lead to the birth of this venture. The strong desire to bring mother’s passion fruit drinks to life inspired us to let everyone get a taste of magic. If you wish to splash flavors into your mouth that tickle your tastebuds, then look no further! We promise to quench your thirst for drool-worthy lemonades and iced teas.

Wondering what does “Soif” mean?

The dictionary meaning of “Soif” is “thirst”. The meaning sounds short and precise, but our passion to serve you goes far and beyond. Tasty lemonades and iced teas are all about satiating your thirsty soul. The joy of gobbling a nutrient-dense fruit, passion fruit, is unrivaled. That is exactly why we are here. Our different flavored passion fruit drinks will give you exactly what you are looking for. With passion fruit as the key magic ingredient, you are sure to exude a happy, healthy glow.

Why Passion fruit?

Consuming unhealthy drinks are a thing of the past now. Now is the era of health-conscious people. The pandemic was a game-changer when it came to health. Passion fruit is the fruit of the flowering tropical vine, Passiflora. It thrives in warmer climates found in South America, Australia, South Africa, and India. It has a sturdy outer rind, gooey pulp, and is loaded with seeds in the center. Don’t judge it’s richness by its petite size. It has risen to popularity lately, given it’s rich in antioxidants that deliver multiple health benefits. The purple and yellow varieties are the most commonly used ones. Single passion fruit contains:

  •  17 calories
  •  2 grams of fiber
  •  9% Vitamin C (DV)
  •  8% Vitamin A (DV)
  •  2% Iron (DV)
  •  2% Potassium (DV)

That is a whole lot minding the small size of this luxurious fruit. Apart from having low-calorie content, it is also rich in plant compounds, including carotenoids, and polyphenols. A study also concludes that the density of polyphenols found in passion fruit is a lot more than the other tropical fruits like banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple.

What’s the bonus?

Our bodies are incapable of absorbing iron from plants. However, with the presence of high Vit. C in passion fruit, it allows for better iron-absorption. With the power-pack of such significant nutrients, this exotic fruit deserves to top your “healthy foods list”.

What sets us apart?

Along with nutrient-rich food, we have a lot more to offer. Our beverage company specializes in lemonades and iced teas, with passion fruit as the main ingredient. Our tagline proudly proclaims, “Natural flavors with a splash of magic”.

100% natural ingredients

Curated without using artificial flavors, or colors, our drinks are made from 100% natural, raw ingredients. This unique exotic fruit is plucked from nature and processed in its raw form.

An Array of flavors

We serve magic in multiple flavors. What more can you ask for? An authentic combination of taste and health is what we all are looking for. With an array of unique flavors, each for lemonades and iced teas, we got your thirst covered.

Shipping all over the USA

Now you don’t have to worry about what place are you in the U.S. We provide shipping all over the USA. So, no matter where you are located, we’ll deliver our magic right at your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and give our enchanted flavors a try.